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LDS Bipolar's Journal
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Monday, December 10th, 2012
2:42 am
Things that help
1. Church videos. These are awesome and uplift the spirit, a lot. Don't just watch them while surfing the web. Whip out a DVD or watch it as if you've whipped out a DVD, with your full attention, dedicating time to the purpose, without other things getting in the way. I recommend the missionary ones a lot.
2. Listening to church magazines, LDS music and such while I sleep. This improves my dreams, is productive and instructive and it makes me feel really good the next day.
3. Avoiding blue, green (especially blue) and perhaps fluorescent light at night (not in the day). Dark therapy is ideal. Google it. See lowbluelights.com, too. Red light is good. Red LEDs are perhaps among the best. These things can help with rapid cycling, your circadian rhythm (sleep, perception of how quickly the night passes) and loads of other stuff.
4. Exercise (exercise bike, weight lifting, etc.); using an exercise bike before breakfast seems to help a lot with productivity and health
5. Eat three meals a day
6. Faith, courage and love (giving and receiving; this is very, very important)
7. Gratitude (be thankful in all things: have faith in God). Express that gratitude to God—give thanks.
8. Family history, indexing, temple attendance/work (this helps a lot; it invites the Spirit and … well, try it)
9. Service
10. In addition to required scripture study (like daily Book of Mormon study) study more gospel stuff.
11. Food grade diatomaceous earth (can help a lot with some kinds of depression)
12. Eating vegetables daily

Remember to have faith that good things are worth doing.

Trust in God's grace. Remember the story of the child and the bicycle, where she saved all she could and the father bought it in the end. It really is true. God has grace, and not just for the next life, but this one, also. Do what you can with faith and trust in His grace that things will go according to His will.
Friday, December 10th, 2010
12:53 pm
Is it possible for a marriage...and children to survive Bipolar?!
I have been married for 18 years and have many children......We are all LDS.....very active.  Just recently our LDS Counselor has suggested that my husband may have bipolar.   I'm scared.....not knowing our future.  We are married in the Temple.........and I take those covenants seriously......however, I also take my responsibility to rear, teach, love, and guide my children very seriously as well.  My children and I cannot trust my husband...........How do you continue a relationship......an eternal marriage..............without trust in each other? 
I made covenants with the Lord to stay together.....all these years, I have been patient, giving him the benefit of the doubt, trying to look past irrational behavior, but not understanding his verbal attacks.   But now that we have teens..........I can see the terrible effects his behavior has had on them.    We need stability....in the worst way.   The church says to have compassion, charity, the true love of christ toward your spouse.............but it also teaches to love, and protect your children and raise them to be christlike and self-sufficient.     Is it possible to do both these things being married to someone with Bipolar?  
Sunday, July 1st, 2007
11:18 am
question to those around here
Correct me if I'm wrong...but those who self injure...if you don't...is it known for us to like...pick at scabs and make scabbies (as opposed to a razor to the arm/leg/etc) to pick at? Cause yeah..I am. It's rather...strange but somehow comforting I guess you could say.

x-posted to other bipolar comms and person journal
Friday, March 23rd, 2007
10:38 am
Intro plus Story, "Dad, are you there?"
Hello faithful members of this community!
I REALLY think it would be wonderful to get this community active again, as it could be an invaluable resource to someone LDS that has just been diagnosed bipolar.  My name is Heather, and I am 28.  I have Bipolar I disorder, and was diagnosed just over two years ago.  I was born into an LDS family, served a full-time mission at 21, and was sealed in the temple almost 4 years ago.  I was blessed with the birth of my son Matthew almost 3 years ago. 

I began showing signs of the disorder in college, before my mission--  every finals week, I became what I then called a "temporary insomniac"  I would not sleep for a week, and got really happy and really cranky, and then would crash into an emotional meltdown.  Yeah, sounds familiar, eh?  It was a miracle blessing for me, that during my mission, I never had an episode that interrupted my call to serve.  I did pull a few all-nighters when it was time to pack, and transfer areas, but since I made myself go to bed the next night by ten, I avoided the mania week.  I feel I was extremely blessed to get to complete a healthy full 18 month mission. 

Well, I got an email today, that made me want to post it here... and maybe a few other lds communities too, if I can figure out how to cross-post.  Under the cut below is a story called, "Dad, are you there? that was published in the Ensign in 1996.

Living a life with bipolar disorder can be scary and uncertain.  But each of us, like the story said, has a loving Father on the line, you is always there, aware of our situation, and is a "very present help in trouble" (Psalms 46:1)
Remember when you feel lost and afraid, call out to your Father, and he will hear you, comfort you, and lead you to peace.

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, August 24th, 2006
2:10 pm
Hi. I'm Erin. 25, divorced single mother of a beautiful 3 year old named Harley Quinn. I was diagnosed with bipolar I in 2000. A recent evaluation confirmed I definitely have bipolar I. I grew up LDS. 7th Generation. My great x3 grandfather sold the family farm in Wales against the families wishes, and gave all proceeds to the church (it's even in the Ensign, December 1973, I think). I left the church at 18 officially. Wrote an exit letter and everything. I still have the papers too. I got into wicca and witchcraft, and then satanism. In 2003 I converted to Christianity. After many years searching through denominations, and nothing working, I decided to come back to the church. I need it in my life so badly. Especially now that I'm divorced and raising a daughter on my own. Anyway, that's about it.

Peace Out!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
9:45 am
New here...
Okay, I don't have bipolar but my husband does. I'm hoping I can get some good advice on what to do. My husband was diagnosed back when he was in high school. He used to take meds for it before I ever met him. I guess he had a very bad experience with them, causing him to try and commit suicide. So now he is VERY against any sort of medication.

Well, a little background on his illness. He rarely gets really depressed. He's more manic than anything. If he gets upset, it's just short bouts of frustration and anger rather than sadness. But he's constantly going and going and going. He never rests. He isn't happy unless he's getting something new or has something to keep his attention.

This brings us to the situation. He likes to spend money. And he doesn't even realize how much he's spending. We live on a tight budget and his "little things" here and there are taking away from our ability to plan for a family. It's really frustrating for me because if even bring up my frustrations at all, he tears me down and gives rude comments meant to hurt me. He's called me things like a "fucking accountant", the "money nazi", etc. Not only that but he'll bring in other things that have nothing to do with the issue at hand, just to hurt me.

So my question is: how do you talk to a person with bipolar (mainly the manic side) without them going bizzerk on you? I just want to talk, not argue, but it seems that's all he knows how to do. This really frustrates me because I feel like I can't tell him any of my concerns for fear of what will happen.

Please help me. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

Current Mood: confused
Friday, July 8th, 2005
11:29 pm
I'm Erin. I'm 24. I was diagnosed with bipolar in 2000. I have a little girl named Harley. I'm not exactly LDS. However I am 7th generation LDS. How is that possible you say? I am a 7th gen. However at 18 I left the church. I got into alot of other things and I find myself coming full circle and slowly coming back to the church. I'm taking lessons from the missionaries even and possibly gonna get rebaptise. Anyway, I'm on Abilify (15 mg), Zoloft (50mg), Risperdal (I dunno how much), and Trazadone (100mg).
Sunday, May 29th, 2005
12:09 am
Kind person
Your wise quote is: "Be kind to unkind people,
they probably need it the most" by
Ashleigh Brilliant.
You try to look beyond apperance, try to give
people second chances and are probably very
kind. Understanding is your biggest personality
trait, and thoose you can see through should be
grateful. If they aren't already. You detest
narrow minded people, because they can't see
what's really there. Facades is not your thing
and you strive to always be who you really are.

What wise quote fits you?(pics) UPDATED
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Saturday, May 28th, 2005
11:20 pm
I just want to say. That I am so happy there is a group for Bi polar LDSers. Cuz, thats me *waves*
Hello all
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
10:03 am
The missionaries brought me my new book of mormon sunday with a complete topical guide with the doctrine and covenants and pearl of great price. they also brought a new bible with a topical guide, dictonary and maps. I am doing so good and i thank God for everything good he is bringing into my life, just for opening my heart to him.

I am also thankful that I am no longer involved in my old wicked ways. Aquantences from my past are about to go through bloody times, and I do not want to see or gt pulled in. All I can go is bless them by God and pray for them and hope they find the Holy Father.

I am trying to make a cover from my scriptures, outta cardboard and fabric. It is not going to well. My design is not working. -chuckles- oh well,i tried. i may try more after the baby leaves and i have more time to delve into it.
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
11:24 pm
I talked to my mum about it...

...and I'm getting baptized!

[xposted like crazy! :)]

Current Mood: ecstatic
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
10:15 pm
I had another lesson with the missionaries today, Elder Smith and Elder Queros, which was AMAZING. I have been reading myself for baptism for some time. I took out all my pericings, am saving my self for my husband, threw out all my pornography, am selling all my sexy clothes, and other things that I do not feel are appropriate.

The Elders asked me today if I felt I was ready to be baptised and I said of course. I am soooo happy. I finally feel I am on Gods straight and narrow path. The path I have always wanted to take and I didnt know how nor even that it existed.

I am sad to see Elder Smith is being transfered, but I think of all the other people he will help on his mission. I hope he keeps in cantact like he said he would.

The conferance Sunday was really awesome. I got to see the Prophet Hinckley speak along with other wonderful people.

"Not only we be united with the church, but converted unto the Lord." Quralm of the 70

Worthlin of the 12 Apostels talks about the Five Keys to fullfill Gods plan.

Key 1
- Dont be Afraid. Fear makes up run away for the goals, relationships and smothers our dreams.

Key 2
- Have Faith. Use Faith to overcome fear. A God that is with us, cant be against us. Ask for guidence and assistance.

Key 3
- Work. Work makes a person happy and feel more fullfilled. Work to achieve your goals. Be determined. Set goals and write them down.

Key 4
- Do whats right. God will protect you if you do what right. Follow the scriptures and prophets, doctrines and commandments. They are all part of the plan to do whats right. Hold faithfull to the end.

Key 5
- Preserve till the End. The battle must be fought with courage and honor. Preservierance is vital to success. Never give up and be respected and remembered. - Worthlin
Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
7:07 pm
decided to join up and support your community, and maybe if all is well feel a part of the community.

today i picked up my meds for bipolar, lithium. any lithium takers in the crowd?

i don't often get manic, but do have severe depression riddled by suicidal tendencies. yet, God has somehow preserved me, in spite of myself.

i have seen a few shrinks on the issue. often times if they are LDS or not plays little into that picture for me, as it plays more in where i am going with this disease... with or without Gods help. i am left hoping with.
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
3:25 pm
OK things have been quiet here.. oops. Im going back into school full time once again.. and had major frustrations that COULD have sent me back to a mania.. but didn't. so far doing ok.

Did have a bad mania the other night (long story).. but ended up with glass in my foot (by accident i promise).

I hope everyones doing well!!
Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
9:16 pm
well sorry its been quiet *s* been realy busy lately and did spread the word about the group. Lil about me.. im Amy... 30.. married... bipolar.. PTSD... anxiety.. *S*

Started this group on here (still learning how to work the communities) on here since a few of the bipolar groups i was on, were a bit harsh in a sense.. well just not my kind of thing.

hope you guys like it and dont mind it being quiet or whatever.. till we get more people *S* Just post away if you want

Current Mood: cheerful
1:37 pm
I just saw this and figured hey, why not? I'm LDS, well, obviously, and bipolar. So here i am. that's me.
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